Alex Baker: Senior Urban Designer

Alex baker is a senior urban designer and is a member of the academy of urbanism (young urbanist) and the urban design group.  He brings experience in strategic masterplanning in the UK for developments of up to 6000 new homes and international design for developments with populations of 400,000 people.

Alex has an expertise in strategic masterplanning, concept design, CGI’s and modelling, developing comprehensive mixed use schemes and specialised knowledge of 21st-century garden city/town/suburb design. Working with private clients to lead the development of large urban extensions with a modernised approach of ‘garden city’ principles, taking the key principles of the historic approach and applying urban design, landscape design and architecture to develop new ‘garden communities’.

Since joining NEW Alex has been working to develop a framework for future growth of Ferndown town centre. The project has for East Dorset District Council and Ferndown Town Council. Ferndown is Dorset’s 5th largest town, yet underperforms for the size and population of the town. A clear strategy has been developed for the town centre, identifying key study areas within the town to develop more detailed designs to encourage and promote town centre regeneration.