Blackberry Hill Hospital EbD

NEW Masterplanning was appointed in April 2013 by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to lead an Enquiry-by- Design (EbD) event to produce a masterplan for a residential led mixed-use development at the former Blackberry Hill Hospital, Fishponds, Bristol.

Blackberry Hill was acquired by the HCA from the North Bristol NHS Trust in March 2009. The site and its setting is characterised by historic buildings (some listed) and open-parkland set within the Stapleton and Frome valley Conservation Area.

The 4-day EbD event brought together specialists in design, historic environment, ecology, planning, and movement to work alongside the local community, city council, adjoining landowners, prospective development partners and other key stakeholders to establish a consensus masterplan for the site. A scale working model was prepared of the existing and proposed development options, helping participants test and consider the implications of different approaches.

A key outcome of the process was a successful agreement negotiated between the HCA and local groups seeking a Town and Village Green designation for part of the site. The EbD masterplan created a viable mix of development, supporting the conversion of listed buildings, whilst safeguarding publicly accessible green space adjoining the Frome Valley.