Filwood Park EbD

NEW Masterplanning was appointed in August 2011 by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) to work with the Knowle West community to prepare a masterplan for a redundant employment area and local green space. The site includes brownfield land, but also a green space which had been subject to a recent ‘Town and Village Green’ application by the local community.

The central element was an ‘Enquiry by Design’ (EbD) event to consider how the site could respond to the aspirations of the existing community, achieve a step change in the perceptions of the area, and attract public and private sector investment to the Knowle West neighbourhood. The five day EbD was held in November 2011. 

The EbD masterplan, which was prepared with the community and City Council officers, addresses key issues such as the role andfunction of public green space, responding to areas of ecological interest, integration with the surrounding area, and the need for new homes, better community facilities and greater employment opportunities. Viability appraisals of options were also undertaken at the event to inform the illustrative masterplan.

The masterplan formed the basis of an outline planning application which was approved in April 2012. A detailed application for the ‘Green Business Park’ has also now been granted permission, helping secure over £10M of European Funding to enable delivery. Advanced infrastructure works are currently being implemented. 

The Enquiry-by-Design process at Filwood Park was recently awarded a regional RTPI Award as an example of ‘planning excellence’.